Scenic Rim

Astute Scenic Rim is a full service Finance, Insurance and Wealth business.

We cut through the jargon and provide you with simple, straightforward financial solutions, tailor made for your individual circumstances. Which when it comes to your financial security, makes the world of difference.

Astute was one of the first businesses to offer a fully integrated financial services business model that offers customers access to specialists in FinanceInsurance and Wealth services. This diversification allows us to provide simple, straightforward solutions at every stage of your financial journey, while keeping all your finance needs under one roof.

About our Mortgage Brokers

  • All brokers have Diplomas of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management
  • We are accredited with all of the major banks and lenders (over 25 lenders)
  • We are all fully qualified members of “Finance Brokers Association Australia”
  • We are pro-active, which means we are focused on providing exceptional service to make sure everything goes according to plan and on time
  • We are team players, we work with your real estate agent, solicitor, valuer and anyone else involved.

About our Financial Advisers

Astute Scenic Rim* refer to authorised representatives of AIW Dealer Services Pty Ltd to advise and deal in the following financial products:

  • Money Management and Savings Advice
  • Personal and Business Risk Protection
  • Debt Management (Personal and Investment)
  • Investment Advice
  • Superannuation Advice
  • Retirement Advice.
* Cheryl Worsick (trading as Astute Scenic Rim) refers to an Astute corporate authorised representative of AIW Dealer Services Pty Ltd (AFSL 414256)

What Our Client Have To Say

My husband & I are 1 week into our dream home and I still feel like a child on Christmas day!!!

And this is all thanks to a fantastic, lovely, bubbly lady called Cheryl Worsick.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for Cheryl’s dedication and hard work in obtaining finance for us. We had a quite a few hurdles along the way and the hurdles seemed to be harder to jump each time we came up to one, however Cheryl being Cheryl stayed positive and would not give up, even when I was ready to, she would boost me up again.

An example of Cheryl’s dedication is that a lot of her hard work was done over the Christmas period when most people are enjoying free time with their families – Cheryl even had her parents from the UK staying with her and she still kept working on our finance.

I can’t thank you enough Cheryl. 🙂

Shiralee Tunnell, Queensland

We recently were fortunate to have been introduced to Cheryl Worsick. Cheryl assisted us to secure a home for our children, There were many obstacles along our journey, but Cheryl was forever positive, motivating and guiding us in the world of banking, When things got difficult she always stayed positive and kept us on track to looking forward. Thank you

We achieved our goal thanks to Cheryl and her support. I would not hesitate in recommending Cheryl and we look forward to a long relationship with our new Banker.

Thank you Cheryl.

Leonie & Rob Taylor, Queensland

I have now used Cheryl to help me refinance and purchase a car a total of 3 times to date. Every time Cheryl has gone over and above to ensure that me and my family were comfortable financially and otherwise. She was understanding and she worked rapidly to help us, and I really cannot fault her. The whole experience was so fast and painless.

L. Moana, Queensland

At the age of 52 and divorcing badly, I thought the opportunity of owning our home again had passed me by.

I was introduced to Cheryl Worsick by a work colleague and he had glowing praise of how Cheryl had helped him when the banks didn’t want to know him , I met Cheryl and she explained how my wife and I could actually obtain a Home Loan, we had limited savings and at my age I had doubts but Cheryl was upfront that it wouldn’t be easy but she would try her best and that she did, we had a couple of rejections from banks but Cheryl always stayed positive and kept us calm and her persistence paid off and my wife and I have now got our dream home.

We have nothing but praise for Cheryl even when she was in hospital after a car accident she was worried she hadn’t called us for an update that is her dedication to helping others. My wife and I have found our finance adviser and a new friend.

Thank you Cheryl.

Scott Keys, Queensland