Mahfy Rahman

Mahfy Rahman 0430 355 945

At a very young age Mahfy had an avid fascination with the Australian property market leading him to commence his finance career at the age of 19.

From working for the banks for more than 5 years, to the time he started his own mortgage broking business, Mahfy has served with one purpose; to be the broker that he wished he had when he was saving and purchasing his first property in his late teens.

Mahfy is extremely passionate about helping young Australians achieve their dream of owning their first property – and then positioning them to achieve their next. As a millennial himself, he doesn’t want younger generations to think home ownership is out of reach. With his attention to detail, guidance and coaching skills, you’ll find that dealing with Mahfy is a unique and supportive experience.

Throughout his career he has maintained a high level of service in his interactions with his clients and now advocates and drives this within his team – ensuring an ethos that “all clients, no matter who they are or where they’re from are treated as lifelong relationships and not transactions”.

Mahfy grew up in and around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. He has an active lifestyle and spends most mornings exercising at the gym or the beach. He is the youngest of three siblings who were also born and raised in Sydney. His clients, family and friends know him best for his approach on life – keeping a positive energy, a work-life balance and good vibes. His message to anyone looking to achieve a goal – if not now, when?

“Attention to detail during all client interactions and touch points allows the Astute Bondi team to make a client’s experience second to none. “

  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Management, Banking and Finance)
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
  • Certificate IV in Banking Services
  • Certificate III in Financial Services
  • Justice of the Peace in and for the state of NSW
  • Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA)
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Alban Wallner

Alban Wallner 0400 668 748

Alban has a passion for delivering a positive and truly memorable experience to his customers. His customer-oriented drive, technical aptitude and persistence for excellence has seen him accomplish great results in his previous roles of 7 years in the travel industry. Alban now applies his customer services skills and attention to help customers with their mortgage brokering needs.

Alban has an open and solution focused approach. He works diligently to gain a clear understanding of a client’s situation, goals and objectives before making recommendations. He aims to secure his customer the best available deal, revisit their financial situation regularly and build long lasting relationships to ensure they aren’t left behind in the fast-moving property market.

Outside of work, Alban has also achieved success in an elite sport where he has represented France at World Cups and has won multiple State Fencing Titles and still competes at national level. Alban also volunteers with the Rural Fire Service as a firefighter.

Together with his wife, they have made the exciting decision to buy a family home and move to Salamander Bay. A big change from the city lifestyle they were once living and a choice that they are very proud and pleased with. This sea-change also brings first hand experience and the ability to take clients on a journey to benefit from the enhanced lifestyle he now enjoys.

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Pauly Janjic

Pauly Janjic 0405 316 969

Coming from humble beginnings, Pauly grew up in Redfern and has a love for uplifting his community. He went to school in Randwick and graduated from the University of Sydney. He has also recently purchased and renovated his second property and is always ready to offer honest, first-hand advice. Pauly starts his day well before the sun is up to stay fit and healthy and balances this out in the evenings hanging out with friends and enjoying the social life the Inner City has to offer. He also has a love for sport and all things outdoors, having played Football locally in Pagewood and the eastern suburbs for much of his life.

Pauly has spent the majority of his career in Sales and Marketing and his approach is to work behind the scenes, cut through the jargon and deliver simple solutions that allow his clients to focus on the bigger picture. It is this passion to create and shape opportunities for others, in particular first home buyers to enter the market or take the next step in growing their property portfolio.

Pauly is a people-person and loves to grow relationships, with a keen motivation to deliver on promises. His trademark is providing quality customer service and achieving outcomes only possible through out-of-the-box thinking, exploring all options and acting as his clients’ advocate in all interactions. Pauly’s warm, approachable, and friendly personality are sure to make you feel welcome. A strategic thinker with a laser focus on creating solutions for any and all problems.

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Grace Wallner

Grace Wallner 0415 834 224

With a background in hospitality and tourism for 20 years, Grace has developed an eye for detail and a fierce client-centric approach that ensures customer service excellence. Grace is the Business Manager at Astute Financial Bondi and has a passion for running a smooth operation for our team and clients.

Grace oversees the application process, from submission right through to settlement. Her commitment to accuracy and efficiency ensures that each client experiences the highest level of customer service at every stage of the client journey. Beyond her management duties, Grace is the conduit between our clients, brokers, lenders and legal representatives.

Outside of the office, Grace finds joy and inspiration in various pursuits. An avid music enthusiast, she often spends her free time exploring new sounds, attending concerts, and expanding her musical horizons. Her passion for music not only provides a creative personal outlet but also enhances her ability to collaborate and communicate effectively in a team environment.

Despite having two beloved cats that she adores at home, Grace also embraces the opportunity to travel and explore diverse cultures and landscapes of the world. Whether trekking through scenic trails, immersing herself in local cuisine or marvelling at architectural wonders, she finds fulfillment in the richness of new experiences and perspectives when travelling.

Grace gives it her all to make sure our clients feel nurtured, valued and remain informed.

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Laure Rouja

Laure Rouja 0430 355 945

Laure is our Loan Review Specialist, committed to ensuring that our client’s home loans interest rates are reviewed on an annual frequency and ad-hoc basis.

In her role, Laure employs a comprehensive approach, utilising leverage and harnessing market opportunities to achieve positive outcomes during negotiations. With a singular focus on lender retention, Laure’s expertise in this domain, complemented by our mortgage brokers, is unmatched and can quickly pick up on trends to secure the best deal for our existing clients or look for beneficial opportunities to refinance.

Her direct access to the lender retention teams enables her to secure results exceeding those typically obtained by clients independently. Her proactive strategy using data and market insights consistently delivers exceptional results.

This is an ongoing service, provided at no extra cost to all of our home loan clients that are part of the Astute Financial Bondi family. Collectively, Laure and the team take pride in being a safe pair of hands and forging long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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