5 ways to use your phone to save your family money each week.

Here are 5 ways you might use your phone to save you and your family on a day-to-day basis.


  1. Shopback/Cashrewards – these are cashback apps that offers rebates on purchases made through partner stores, including grocery retailers.
  2. Frugl – an app that compares products across the major grocery and other retailers. It also allows you to build shopping lists across the participating stores.
  3. Half Price – an app that gives you all the half price deals at Coles and Woolworths in one easy to use interface.
  4. Facebook Groups – there are groups dedicated to saving money at Aussie stores such as Markdown Addicts Australia where members share tips, codes and discounts.
  5. Survey Rewards – While time consuming to build points, there are websites that you can join whereby completing surveys you are rewarded for your time such as Octopus Group.