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Are you underinsured for your home and contents insurance?

Do you remember what your house looked like when you first bought it? Over the years you may have renovated it into your dream home. Imagine what it would cost you, at today’s values, to replace absolutely everything in your home, or to rebuild it. Imagine what it would cost…

Underinsuring might not seem like an issue if you only need to replace a stolen television, but it could be a big problem if you need to rebuild your home from the ground up. If you are not fully covered, you may end up with a shortfall at a time when you can least afford it.

These statistics* show that many Australians fall into the underinsured or non-insured category when it comes to their home and contents cover:

  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates about 1.8 million Australian homes (23 per cent) have no home and contents insurance.
  • It is estimated around half of Australians don’t have an insurance policy that fully covers their assets. 
  • 67% of renters in Australia do not have any form of contents insurance.

Now might be the right time to contact one of our experienced General Insurance Brokers to ensure you are covered correctly. They can discuss your situation and how to implement the cover you need in the most affordable way.

For peace of mind that your home is protected, contact us today.





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