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How can you best protect your child’s oral health?

Is there anything better than seeing a child smiling with all their teeth on show!

Did you know that in Australia, two in five children – or 42 per cent – experience decay in their baby teeth and one in four experience decay in their permanent teeth. Ouch!

Early onset of dental disease can go on to affect your child’s life, including how they eat, speech difficulties, their socialisation and confidence.

How can you best protect your child’s oral health?

A BALANCED DIET: What your child consumes can affect their teeth and gums. Snacking and a diet high in sugar can lead to the outer layer of tooth enamel decaying. Keep a watching eye out for hidden sugars in biscuits, cereals and dried fruit. Ditch fruit juices and sport drinks and opt for water instead. A quick way to work out what your child is eating and drinking is to look at the label, remembering that sugar can be disguised under several names.

BRUSHING: Brushing teeth removes plaque that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Children and adults alike should brush their teeth for at least two minutes’ morning and night, spending 30 seconds on each quarter of the mouth. To help your child brush their teeth, play their favourite song while they brush, ending at the two-minute mark. And remember – there are different strokes for different folks with younger children requiring assistance from parents until the age of eight. For age-appropriate guidance, including flossing, talk to your dentist or visit www.ada.org.au

REGULAR DENTAL VISITS: Your child should visit their dentist regularly and understand this is an important part of growing up, just like it is to visit your family GP. Parents play an important role in making these visits a positive experience.

Your partner in oral health
If you are a member of Astute Simplicity Health who holds Astute Extras Protect, you are eligible for Gap Free Preventative Dental*. So give us a call to find out more.


For some preventative dental items on selected products. Annual limits, policy and fund rules and waiting periods apply. An out-of-pocket expense may apply if your provider’s fee is higher than the maximum benefit for each eligible service. See website for details

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