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Tips for a smooth home loan process

With record low rates and offers such as cashbacks and other incentives, lenders are extremely busy processing loan applications. With such a large volume of loans being setup, it’s vital to get your application submitted accurately to help ensure the process is as smooth as possible and with minimal delays.

If you’re planning on applying for a new loan or refinancing, here are some things you can do to help your application along.

Be organised. Get all of your documentation, identification, and other details ready. Home loan approval delays can often be the result of missing, out of date, or incorrect documents or information. You can directly upload all your documents to our secure online portal.

Be upfront with information. Provide all the necessary documents upfront and convey as much detail as possible about your requirements and objectives and have good, current information on your financial position. We can also check your credit score for you.

Get preapproval. Houses are selling fast, and there are plenty of buyers in the market. We can help get you preapproved so that when you’re ready to put in an offer, formal approval can usually be a less stressful and more streamlined experience.

Reduce or eliminate other debts and excess expenses. Lenders will look at several months’ worth of living expenses to see how you spend, so work on minimising unnecessary spending. They’ll also consider existing loan repayments during the approval process. The simpler these are to verify the smoother the application process. We have access to a system that can retrieve bank statements for you, saving you time and effort.

Every application is unique, so the time between our first meeting and approval can differ greatly from loan to loan. The best approach is to act early and be prepared!

The best part is we’re here to walk you through the process, answer your questions, and find you a great deal on your finance. Whether you’re new to the process or a seasoned property buyer, speak with us today!

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